• Going to beach, river or lake? Snorkeling? Kayacking? Canoeing? Paddleboarding? Scuba diving? Jet skiing? Swimming? Fishing? Surfing? Boating? Playing in waterpark? Any other water sports?
  • Bring this 100% waterproof case for your smartphone and take photos above water or under water. Even it floats!
  • Even it absorbs shock by protected edges of dual layer.
  • Even you can carry a credit card and some bills inside of case.
  • One size fits all up to 6.3" of smartphone (support most of smartphones on Earth)
  • JIS IPX8 certified - waterporoof 10 metres (33ft)
  • Easy touching and typing
  • Super clear lens
  • Built-in airbladder (float): If you drop, it floats. No worry of losing your phone.
  • Sound penetration - clear talking and listening
  • Free adjustable neck strap
  • Patented

Pink color 100% waterproof case for smartphone

SKU: Case_Pink
C$34.99 Regular Price
C$19.99Sale Price
    • Model: WP-C2si
    • Product size: 110mm x 195mm
    • Weight: 50g
    • Material: PVC, TPU
    • RoHS certified
    • ISO 9001 certified
    • Made in Korea
    • Manufacturer: Dicapac Co., Ltd.

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